Every device has its limitations and it is no wonder that transferring files between your iPhone / iPad and computer is not an easy task because it cannot be done directly and as easily as you can sync all your data related to music and photos from iPhone and iPad to your computer and vice versa using the iTunes. If you want to transfer a PDF file from a computer to your iPhone / iPad you will have to use a roundabout method to accomplish the task. You can E mail the file to your address or take help from Dropbox and iBooks to get the file transferred from the computer to your mobile device. There is no way out but to use third party services for transferring files.


Take help from apps

Pushbullet is an app that can come handy when you want to transfer files between your computer and iPhone / iPad or vice versa. Create an account for this app for iPhone / iPad to enable you drive through a lot of stuff into your device from the interface of the web. Using the Pushbullet, you can send a link, a message, a location, a list and above all a file to your device much more easily than you had thought.  The Pushbullet App is available in the App Store from where you can install it and download a Chrome extension on your computer. The Chrome extension makes it compatible with more PCs.


Transferring files

Step#1 – Access your Pushbullet account on the web and log in.

Step#2 – Click on the attachment icon that is displayed in the ‘Pushes’ form.

Step#3 – Select the file that you want to upload and click on the ‘To’ field.

Step#4 – Next you will have to click – ‘Push it.’

Step#5 – A prompt notification is received from Pushbullet acknowledging that the transfer has been done.

The file that has been transferred can now be opened in a specific app and there is no need to connect or sync to iTunes. That makes things simple with Pushbullet. But this benefit can be enjoyed for transferring files from your computer to iPhone/iPad only and not the other way round. Moreover, Pushbullet does not have the features of document preview or image preview, thus making it mandatory to rely on other apps for viewing the files. But these are just too small as compared to the advantages that you get.

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