In an effort to reach out to a wider customer base, Microsoft has released an updated version of OneDrive app for Business in iOS and Mac. This comes as a continuity of Microsoft’s strategy to an improved personalized cloud storage and business experience of users.

Updated OneDrive iOS app: Storage of consumer and work file

Microsoft’s OneDrive for Business currently under Office 365 plans had a serious drawback: Unified consumer and business storage was not possible. Well it seems Microsoft has addressed the same in the updated OneDrive iOS app: the iOS app, downloadable from Apple app store, is able to handle both consumer and work files. A Microsoft spokesperson went on to confirm that OneDrive for Business users will now remain accessible through OneDrive client applications as well as web browsers.

Also, the updated OneDrive comes with ‘albums’, an improved way by which users can enjoy photo sharing which is yet to be launched on Android and Windows platform for OneDrive. Users will also benefit from the revised search options where by putting in any metadata tag a user can search for a particular pdf, document or photo. Also another important feature is the option to recover deleted files from Recycle Bin.

Office 365 Enterprise currently offers a subscriber upto 1TB of storage space. OneDrive for Business for Mac OS will require OS X 10.9.5 or higher (Yosemite or Macericks) to function properly. Reportedly Microsoft is planning to make available a 30GB storage space for automatic backing up of photos and documents.

Mobile App, unified sync engine and more

Director of OneDrive Business, Reuben Krippner, highlighted Microsoft’s views that they have focused on developing a single iOS app that will provide customers a unified experience between Business and personal OneDrive; already implemented in Android and Windows’ phone. Microsoft is also working on OneDrive desktop synchronization – a single OneDrive browser solution for PC and MAC.

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