windows phone mangoThe next big update for the Windows Phone devices would be the Windows Phone Mango update coming in with features that claim the advancements to be hitting pretty well to make an impact in the smartphone market, where the current version of the Windows Phone 7 was still called traditional having Zune-like features and pretty basic apps, communication options and the internet browsing experience. The Mango release would get everything boosted to the next level.

Here are a few features that can be talked about the Windows Phone Mango –

  • Better App Experience – The Mango update would be enhancing the experience of usage of the apps, and the interface automatically tries to connect to other apps for what you are searching. Like when we search for a movie on the Bing search engine, the phone automatically takes you to a step where you can directly book the tickets for that movie. You don’t need to go and do that by yourself.
  • Multitasking – What the Android phones and the iPhone boasted about, now becomes a part of the Windows Phone too. Multitasking is possible, where you can switch between the apps being used or which are recently used in the phone, and get back to the apps where you have left it while using it previously.
  • Improved Live Tiles – The live tiles in Mango have been updated to be more dynamic and provide more live information on the home-screen of the Windows Phone device.
  • Live Agents – This is something that enables the developers to create multitasking apps for the media, communication and much more where the battery life is not hit badly.


windows phone mango features

People Hub – The Mango update would bring a People Hub where most of the connectivity options between friends are available, including Facebook, Twitter, Outlook, LinkedIn, Windows Live Messenger. If you want to contact any of your friend, the People Hub would automatically search for places where the friend is online and the quickest way of connecting to them. If at all the person is online on Windows Live Messenger, once you enter the message you would get an option to send the message on their messenger or else you can finally send the message as SMS.

Personalized Live Tiles – The Live tiles on the homescreen of the Windows Mobile Mango phone helps the users keep the individual contacts on the homescreen for the easy access and providing users with at-a-glance access to real-time updates from social network feeds and notifications without having to open multiple apps.

Single Inbox – A single inbox can be used to view multiple email accounts at once without having to switch the accounts to view them all.

Internet Explorer 9 – The Windows Phone Mango would bring the desktop version of the Internet Explorer 9 browser with the HTML5 support and this would not eat up any extra battery, and even the performance of the browser is fast. The browser has a few great features of which Local Scout is one. Local Scout prioritizes hyper-local search results based on user preferences and recommends the closest restaurants, shopping and activities in an easy-to-use guide.

The Mango update is going to bring hundreds of more updates, most of which are discussed here.

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