No, we’re not kidding. Getting that most-sought after iPad for a bargain price, is possible, very much so. Of course, we do admit it: It sure sounds tricky. But right at the bottom of it, we sure want you to get that brand new iPad at the least cost possible. And when you do, without a hitch you’ll be part of the LUCKY CLUB – one of the many who have given justice to this article. Read on.

The methods laid out here don’t only apply to that coveted i-tablet (who knows if you’re lucky you might get a handy iPad keyboard case too). Rather, this also applies to all the other expensive luxury gadgets you can think of or dream of (e.g., big HD TV, top appliances). And with the holiday season kicking in, this is nothing short of a blast.

The Thrill of an Auction

Perhaps, it is a twisted case of the fear of the unknown. But truly, auctions present a wonderful surge of expectation, an adrenaline rush like no other.

When you are waiting on a bid or expect a bid to win, the experience sweeps you off your feet. How much more when you get something at a lower cost than usual with your bid?

This is one of the fine secrets of commerce – ever since man exchanged his printed monies for goods or services. Many an enterprising marketer has made good use of coupons, sale or a discount to lure the buyer in. And it has worked for ages.

However, the practice is getting a drastic overhaul, online.Internet is a great equalizer (granting you are lodged on to one, of course). And this marketing campaign sure is making waves. A lot of it.

Introducing: QuiBids

QuiBids is your gateway to your brand-new iPad at less cost. In fact, its doors could lead you to a whole lot of amazing gadgets and priced possessions (e.g., PC, MAC, iPods) at prices less than current retail prices.

Sounds too good to be true? Well, we’ve looked into the company and what we found placed our fears to rest.

Online Auction

QuiBids does an online auction – with a twist. Each person who gets to bid on an item gets charged a trivial fee: about 60 cents. Added together, you get an iPad with hundreds – if not thousands – of people from all over bidding. The bid fees now allow the company to sell your beloved i-product at a cheaper price.

Of course, when to place your bid and how many bids you should make is the fun part. If you figure it right, that is.

By the way, we forgot to tell you each auction is given a time limit. If your bid is the winning bid when the time elapses, you win the iPad. So, what are you waiting for?

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