Turn on or off nearby friend feature in iphone

Turn on or off nearby friend feature in iphone

Facebook declared that the Android/iPhone app would include a novel feature. Called “Nearby Friends”, the feature aspires to allow you to recognize when your Facebook acquaintances are near your location. The attribute, in itself, is not novel to the Smartphone environment.

“Nearby Friends” works after you and your acquaintances have the feature activated. When you hit on nearby friends, it displays a record of people (your pals on Facebook, evidently) who are nearby. The interface notifies you how far they are and time passed between the most recent location tags.

Now, many do not make out if Nearby Friends is activated by default in the Facebook application however the debates regarding privacy, location tracking, and all the varied stuff concerning personal likings are on. You can deactivate the attribute if you do not desire others to make out where you have been or if you wish not to get notices concerning acquaintances that are close by.

Here is how to deactivate the “Nearby Friends” attribute in Facebook on iPhone:

  • Launch the Facebook app
  • Hit on more from the list of options (bottom)
  • Hit on Nearby Friends
  • Now, hit on the cog sign (settings)
Turn off Nearby friend feature iphone

Turn off Nearby friend feature iphone


  • Deactivate the toggle for Nearby Friends
Turn off Nearby friend feature iphone

Turn off Nearby friend feature iphone

This switches off the feature, successfully stopping anybody (counting Facebook) from trailing your location.

Nearby Friends, while activated, will as well permit Facebook to keep a documentation of the places you have been to some time ago with an attribute called Location History. Sinister as it sounds to a few of us, Apple has this attribute in the Frequent Locations toggle concealed in Privacy favorites. If you would like to keep Nearby Friends ON, however, have the locations recording/tracking turned off:

  • Launch Facebook app
  • Hit on More, after that on Nearby Friends
  • Hit on the settings sign (cog)
  • Hit on Location Settings
  • Switch OFF Location History

Nearby Friends encompasses a fascinating time-sensitive location-share choice where you can share your position for a particular period, with a certain friend. This is extremely helpful for a use case where you and your acquaintance choose to meet up somewhere at some agreed time. At the point of meeting, you do not need to call each other to learn where the other individual is: Nearby Friends will notify you precisely where your pal is.

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