If you would like to make bigger one or all of your android apps in that case, it is a little difficult, however follow these steps and you will find out how to make icons larger on Android. 

Theoretically, you ought to be capable of going into the settings list of options and increase the magnitude of the apps icons. On the other hand, Google has not made that choice accessible to Android users up until now. 

The answer to making app icons larger is to download an app. What the Giganticon app does is allow you create many widgets that unlock apps and make use of existing app artwork. The splendor of making a widget that connects to an app is you can push and hold fast the widget and resize it on the fly.

How to make icons larger on Android: Step one


To start, go to the Google Play store on your gadget and download the free app.


How to make icons larger on Android: Step two


Once you have downloaded this application, you should run through the procedure of inserting a widget to the home display. In Android 4.4 Kitkat this can be accomplished through bringing up the main apps list of options and swiping right till you are in the widgets list of options.

From here, you want to take the Giganticon widget and haul it on to your home display.

How to make icons larger on Android: Step three

How_to_make_icons_bigger_on_Android_4 How_to_make_icons_bigger_on_Android

A new window will come out listing all your apps. Chose the app you would like through tapping on it. The new widget will after that import the app’s icon and show it in the widget.

Note: To make this widget even larger, press and hold on the image you will be presented resizing alternatives.


That is all there is to it, and you can make as many widgets that can fit on your home screen.

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